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Common Indian ingredients
This is about all the thingees that one encounters at some point or another while cooking Indian food

Ghee – Clarified butter. Used as a cooking medium in some dishes instead of oil.

Kokum/ Amsool – Is a sour dry red fruit. Used in some curries for its sour flavour.

Mawa/(Khoya) – Method of preparation: Bring milk to boil; keep stirring continuously till it is reduced to a very thick paste. When it cools down, it becomes like soft dough. Used as a base for sweets and thickener in some curries.

Sugar syrup – Method of preparation: In a stainless steel large bowl, mix 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup water, and bring it to a boil, till all sugar dissolves.
For one-string and two-string sugar syrup keep boiling further till the desired consistency is achieved. Hold a (cooled) drop of syrup between thumb & finger, while separated; observe 1 or 2 strings of syrup.

Crushed Peanuts
– Dry roasted peanut or groundnut ground to a coarse powder.

– Husked rice boiled & pounded with the help of Pestle.

– Is a condiment made of vegetables or fruits, either raw or boiled, and mixed with yogurt.

– Jaggery. Is a sugar substitute that imparts a delicate earthy taste to the dish.

– Gram flour/ Ground Chana dal/ Bengal gram flour

– Non-flavored plain yogurt used for raitas and snacks like dahi-wada or consumed in its liquid form as lassi or buttermilk.

– Is a form of cottage cheese, used as a base for sweets like rasagolla, rasmalai.

– Fresh cream. Can be obtained by letting boiled milk cool and skimming of layer of fat that forms on the surface, Used in sweets and some curries.

- Is obtained when (with the use of little curd) curdled fresh cream is churned.

Fresh Coconut
-. The milk and flesh extracted from the coconut is used as a base for curries, soups, chutneys and sweets.

– Tempering. This is the first step in certain recipes; Heat oil, add rai and/or jeera to it.
After they splutter, add other spices like haldi, kadhipatta, chillies as the recipe demands.

Masala – Ground Spices. Indian cooking uses different kinds of masala such as Garam masala, Kala goda masala, Chaat masala, Saambar masala etc.

– Wheat flour. Used as a base to make different Indian breads.

– Semolina. Used to make Indian snacks like upma, sheera and as a base in some sweets like ladoos etc.


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