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Guava/Peru chi Jelly

3- medium size half ripe Guavas
Sugar - 3/4 cup sugar for 1 cup extracted juice
1 tsp Lemon Juice or Citric Acid

1)Wash and cut off the top and the stem ends and cut the guavas into half.
2)Put them in a stainless steel patila and add cold water just to cover them.
3)Cook the guavas till done. Let it cool.
4)Strain and squeeze them through cotton/muslin cloth until all the juice is extracted. Again strain this extrated juice.
5)Measure the extracted juice.
6)Put 3/4 cup sugar for 1 cup juice in a non stick Kadai/saucepan and allow to heat slowly till all sugar is melted.
7)Boil on high flame, as soon as it starts foaming up, stir or lift up with a ladle and pour it back. Go on doing this for some minutes lest it overflows. Boil till it becomes thick.
8)Lower the flame & then take a saucer with a little cold water. Put a drop of this jelly into it. If it dissolves it is not ready. Test it from time to time until a drop settles like a bead and does not dissolve even if you shake the saucer.
9)As soon as a drop settles, take the Kadai off the fire immediately. Add lemon juice or citric acid. When still warm, bottle it, leaving the bottle open till it is cold.


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